“Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, to the glory of God.”  Romans 15:7

We welcome new visitors and old friends, long-time Lutherans, Christians from every tradition, and people new to faith. To those who have no church home, want to follow Christ, have doubts, do not believe, you are welcome here. Regardless of age, color, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, socioeconomic status, marital status, abilities or challenges, join us, you are welcome here. You are welcome to worship, to celebrate and sorrow, to rejoice and recover. This is a place where lives are made new. 

OSLC Events–Check out the ECHOES Weekly for ALL events

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You won’t want to miss the year-end celebration during the May 21 Education Hour. Just a teaser for you…look for music, dance, drums and more.



1. Check the online calendar at This calendar is   the most updated and will tell you if other events have already been planned.

2. Check with Joanne in the church office.

This is for all events happening at OSLC. Even if you’ve always done it that day in the past. Please try to plan ahead a month or two or even more.  This is a very busy building and it’s generally first come first serve.


March/April Congregational Project

Bright, colorful, sturdy and warm, Fleece Tied Blankets are a soft, cozy reminder that someone cares. In a hospital room or on the hard ground, these handmade blankets provide protection and a sense of comfort.

Fleece Blankets
What to Include

-Please give new items only, except where otherwise noted
-Please do not donate items with any religious symbols, messages or your congregation’s name.

Two pieces of fleece 58″ – 59″ wide x 80″ long

No one likes to look dirty. A brand new bar of soap lets someone present him- or herself with dignity, keep hands clean and stay healthy. Those simple things are some of the very building blocks to success.
Send us soap and we will see it gets to people in need. LWR accepts new bars of any brand, in its original wrapping. Bath-size bars (4 to 5 oz.) are highly preferred.
Items collected in the Narthex.


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