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SUMMER SOFTBALL TO BEGIN Calling all middle school and senior high youth to enjoy time together, some summer sun, and some friendly competition. The first softball game of the 2014 season will be 8 PM Wednesday, May 7, and you are needed. All are encouraged to be part of the team, from seasoned veterans to those who have never played catch, and join in the fun and fellowship. If you are interested contact Glenn Leckband @ 884-6845 or Cassie Fohrman.
The games are fun, the summer evenings are beautiful, and the fans are wonderful. In fact, I’d say the fans LOVE the players.
Games are played at Slatterly Park.


May 7—8pm vs Redeemer
May 14—7pm vs. St. John’s
May 21—7pm vs. Good Shepherd
May 28—6pm vs. Pax Christi
June 4—7pm vs. Redeemer
June 11—7pm vs. Gloria Dei
June 18—8pm vs. St Johns
June 25—6pm vs. Good Shepherd
July 2—6pm vs. Pax Christi
July 9—8pm vs. Gloria Dei
July 16—7pm vs. Redeemer
July 23—8pm vs. Good Shepherd
July 30—no games
August 6—Play offs 

 Summer Worship

Please note that our worship schedule changes starting June 1. We will have one worship at 9:00am.  Coffee Fellowship will be following the worship in the Fellowship hall.  We will continue with this schedule through August. September 7, worship will be at 8:00 & 10:30am.
Also please note that the Wednesday worship is at the same time year round 6:30pm. No Wednesday meal is served during the summer months.  Meals will resume in September.
Everyone is welcome.


 Summer Musicians Needed

During the summer months when the choirs are on break, we are looking for people to share their musical talents.  Talk to Ruth Benning, Pastor Fred, or Alecia Meline. Sign-up on the volunteer bulletin board in the office hallway.

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